CeePulse Software
UX Designer / UI Designer


A previous employer CEE HydroSystems, had given me the task to create a better user experience for their digital software product the CeePulse.

CeePulse windows software was built to interact with CeePulse hardware. The hardware is an echo sounder that’s measures the depth of the ocean and ocean floor.

The problem

The existing software had very small controls, which made it difficult to use when out in the field. When in the sea, sun glare can be a problem on the computer screen; this made the software hard to read.

The challenge

The software was often loaded up on a small tablet based computer therefore screen size was very limited.


Due to hydrographic surverying being such a niche market the research was restricted. Luckily everyone that worked for CeeHydroSystems was familiar with different types of surveying software, so in house research was carried out.


After understanding the key problem areas I started sketching small UI elements and how they could fit on such a small screen.

We took these initial sketches and quickly made low-fi mockups using Balsamiq (a great rapid wire framing tool).


A print out was handed around to each employer of the office and then tested. Testing provided us with great insights and we ended up changing the layout.

Getting employees to give feedback on paper wireframes really helped with the user flow.


Largely outsourced to India the development phase was fairly quick as we had the code from the previous version. Due to security issues the last of development was completed in house.

The outcome

The new software was rolled out, tested in the field and then rolled out to all existing CeeHydroSystems customers.