Liquid Rewards
UX Designer


New Republique were contacted to create an online platform incentive to get bars to sell South Trade products. The bars had a chance to win up to $100,000 in prizes. Bars could create a profile using the liquid rewards website and the more booze they bought the more chance they had of winning.

My role was to work out how to turn the online platform form an idea to a successful digital product. Working alongside Jackson Alsop (a fellow UX designer), we conducted user research, met with stakeholders and worked out the big issues in creating such a product.

The problem

One of the biggest problems going into the project was getting bar staff and venues to participate. When speaking with managers of bars and smaller venues they felt it was impossible to compete with larger, more established bars.

The challenge

Getting users to come back and use the site was one of the biggest challenges. Staff at South Trade International told bar staff/managers about the competition and how they could win the big prize. Along with email newsletters each week South Trade created weekly cocktail videos to keep bars inspired.


After carrying out some qualitative research with bar staff/managers we discovered the problems we were going to face. One issue that kept cropping up with was bigger bars taking all of the points away from the smaller bars.


Due to our target audience the persona development was straightforward, each persona was either bar staff or a manager. Getting into the mindset of a bar employee, we noticed that they would spend a large amount of time on their mobile devices, so making the website work responsively was key.

User task flow

We created a user flow diagram to think about the users journey through both desktop and mobile devices.


We started sketching out all of our ideas and thoughts on paper quickly and then moved to mocking these up Sketch.


For me this was the most enjoyable part of the project, we tested 7 people over the course of 3 days. Using our wireframe designs we moved these over to InVision and created a working prototype. The user testing provided great insights into our design and especially written content.

A series of questions and tasks were given to each of the participants, we recorded their reactions using ScreenFlow (which recorded audio, webcam and on mouse movements on screen). Using ScreenFlow helped us make the connection between facial expressions and parts of the prototype that the users were struggling with.

After the user testing sessions, we went back to the wireframs and updated them. Iterations were made to the working prototype and tested once more internally.


The development stage of the project was interesting and taught me a lot from a managing perspective. All the development for the project was outsourced to a coding team in India, this proved difficult in meeting deadlines, setting goals and the general language barrier.

The front end of the website was built in-house by the talented Jackson Alsop and then passed onto the dev team in India to incorporate WordPress.


The outcome

A digital, CMS driven platform was delivered to client with the intension of reusing it for future competitions.

Bar staff signed up through email marketing and were kept interested through micro competitions.

Although the budget for user testing after launch wasn’t available we saw some interesting figures from the analytical data and the sales generated from the competition.

Client feedback

"New Republique has been inspirational in helping us move to a far more integrated model. They have not only helped build our understanding, but have been involved in every step of the process. We really value the thought leadership and partnership between our two organizations."

Although the competition is over you can view the live site here