Westpac Graduates
Front end dev


Westpac Graduates holds programs for recent graduates who are looking to find jobs.

New Republique approached Westpac to give their website an overhaul, update the design and convert users to apply for programs.

Although wireframes and market research were carried out, the budget for the UX process was kept to a minimum. I was tasked with taking the new design, coding the front end and then integrating it into a CMS.


The wireframes that were created helped the client to visualise the changes to the existing site.

The wireframes also helped the design team as it set a base for the entire content and main structural layout. Throughout the wireframes there is a consistent user journey and real focus on where the user will be taken.


Using Foundation 6 for the framework, this acted as the base for the front-end code. Foundation 6 is a great starting point for any new web project as it comes with some many inbuilt features. Using a framework speeds up development time and can be easily manipulated if necessary.


Understanding the file structure for the chosen CMS, Drupal took longer than expected. Having never used Drupal before I had to work out the file structure and how to build templates for each of the pages within the site.

Not having all the written and image content proved challenging as some paragraphs broke elements of the design.

Getting the client to understand some of the complicated web terminology. As a process I plan on talking with clients in the future before hand, to cover processes and terms that they may not be familiar with.


All development was carried out in house, having a developer there really helped bounce ideas and get advice on the best way to code certain elements.

Client testing

As an in office procedure we use Trello to log of all our front-end issues and bugs. We’ve found this the best solution for bug fixes as it doesn’t clog up emails and is fast/easy to use.

The outcome

With the target audience age bracket being 20 – 30 year olds the website had to work just as well on mobile. A lot of effort was made to ensure the user has a great experience on tablet and mobile devices.

You can view the live website here.